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Editorial Board - Journal of African Education (JAE)

Dr Kgomotlokoa Linda Thaba-Nkadimene 
Department of Social Sciences Education and Economic and Management Sciences Education 
University of Limpopo, South Africa.

Editorial Board Members

Cedric Bheki Mpungose (PhD.)
School of Education
University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Maitumeleng A Nthontho (PhD)
Faculty of Education 
University of Pretoria, South Africa 

Tabitha Mukeredzi, PhD
Adult Education Unit, School of Education
Durban University of Technology, South Africa

Mahunele Thotse, PhD
Faculty of Humanities/School of Education
University of Limpopo, South Africa

Tinavhuzulu Norman Mafumo, PhD
Department of Education Studies, School of Education
Faculty of Humanities, 
University of Limpopo, South Africa

Tshiovhe, TE, PhD
Department of Professional Studies, School of Education
University of Venda
South Africa

Taole, Matshidiso, PhD 
Department of Curriculum and Instructional studies
College of Education
University of South Africa, South Africa

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