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Welcome to Adonis & Abbey Publishers Ltd!

Adonis & Abbey Publishers Ltd, a niche publisher of academic and professional books as well as academic journals was incorporated in the United Kingdom in March 2003.  Besides books, we also offer the following services:
Journal publishing
Shortly after we began publishing books in 2003, we realized that many African scholars were interested in publishing journals that would help advance the frontiers of knowledge in their fields but were often discouraged by the tremendous challenges involved in starting and sustaining periodicals. A good indication of the challenges involved is the   high mortality rate of academic journals published by Africans. We felt we could contribute in changing this picture.
We made our first incursion into journal publishing in June 2004, when we started African Renaissance, as a bi-monthly multidisciplinary periodical. In 2007, it became a quarterly and has been consistently published since then.  In 2006, we started another journal, African Journal of Business and Economic Research, which has also been consistently published since then.
Our other in-house journals are:
Journal of Somali Studies (Established 2014)
In-between, we developed a model for incubating journals for institutions and academics who want to both publish and retain ownership of such journals. Under this arrangement, we help new journals to take off, including managing such journals in the first 1- 2 years, when the challenges are especially daunting. We are often willing to continue publishing and managing such journals – subject to agreement.
The journals we have nurtured and incubated include:
African Performance Review (For the African Theatre Association, 2007-2009). The journal is now published by the Association.
Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa, 2009-2012). The journal is now published by Taylor & Francis.
Ubuntu: Journal of Conflict Transformation (For scholars at the University of Kwazulu, South Africa, 2012-?  Adonis & Abbey still publishes the journal.
 AFFRIKA: Journal of Politics, Economics and Society (For scholars at the University of Kwazulu, South Africa, 2012-?  Adonis & Abbey still publishes the journal.
If you will like  to publish a book or journal with us  kindly send an inquiry to:  editor@adonis-abbey.com
Edit/copyedit your manuscript
We can, for a competitive fee,  edit, proofread, index, and generally advice on all aspects of manuscript development and the publishing process. For details, email: editor@adonis-abbey.com



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