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Review Process - Journal of African Education (JAE)


The following shall guide the review of articles submitted for publication in the Journal of African Education (JAE):
1. Each article must be reviewed. This also means that in submitting articles for consideration, authors should have a separate page for their names and institutional affiliations and should take care to ensure that their names or institutional affiliations are not revealed in the article they wish to be considered for publication.
2. Journal editors must copy the company’s editorial unit (i.e. info@adonis-abbey.com) when they send articles to reviewers. To protect the integrity of the review process, the company reserves the right to decline to publish articles in which it is unaware of the reviewers. Editors are also encouraged to use the editorial unit to source for reviewers.  Article reviewers must have the rank of Senior Lecturers or above (or their equivalent if they are researchers).

3. When submitting papers for evaluation, authors are strongly encouraged to run their papers through anti-plagiarism software to ensure that the similarities are within acceptable threshold. Without prejudice to this however, every paper accepted for publication in the journal will also have to pass the company’s similarity check (implemented via iThenticate – a product for scholars and researchers from Turnitin). Our threshold is 20% - excluding references and in-text citations.
4. The author(s) in re-submitting the paper after revision must outline in a separate page how the recommended corrections were implemented. This should be done in a two column table with the relevant number of rows. The first column should indicate the reviewer’s comment being addressed and the second column of the corresponding row indicates how each comment/recommendation was implemented and the page number of where the implemented corrections can be found.
5. No author shall have more than one paper (singly or jointly authored) per issue of the journal.  
6. After the layout of the papers accepted for publication is completed, a PDF of each article is sent to the corresponding contributors to check for errors. Such authors are usually given a time frame of approximately three working days to respond. Given that the journal works within tight deadlines, any author that fails to respond within the stipulated time frame will be deemed to have approved the article for publication and any error detected after the publication will be the author’s liability. The editor/guest editor of the journal can also approve the PDF on behalf of the author – if the author failed to respond within the given time frame or advice that the paper be removed from that issue of the journal.
7. If an author chooses to withdraw his/her paper after the layout is concluded (but before the journal is printed), any publication fee paid cannot be refunded as this will be used to cover the cost of re-doing the layout.  
8. Authors must sign and return the copyright forms before the start of the layout. Without the signed copyright forms, a paper cannot be published.
Sharing of article in Open Access Forums
The journal applies a 1-year waiting period from the date of publication when the article may not be shared for free on open access forums, such as Research Gate, Academia.edu, and so on. For further clarifications, please contact info@adonis-abbey.com
Archival Policy
It is our mission to disseminate the intellectual work of our authors and editors to a maximum number of readers worldwide, now and in the future. Consequently, we have digitized our entire journal archive going back to volume one of each title making the complete history of all journals accessible online and available in print. The archival record of this journal is available at https://journals.co.za



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