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Journal of African Education (JAE)
Published Since: 2020 ISSN 2633-2922 (Print) ISSN 2633-2930 (Online)
Publication Frequency: Tri-annual ISSN: 2633-2922 E-ISSN: 2633-2930

 COVID-19 pandemic came at a time when schools and higher education are faced with multiple challenges. Firstly, Emmanuel Eneojo Jacob and Tina Sunday share the challenges related to the provisioning of e-learning spaces in the University of Jos library. Mampuru Philemon Nkadimeng and Kgomotlokoa Linda Thaba-Nkadimene focus on the factors that impede Heads of Departments in committing and executing their instructional leadership roles among selected Limpopo Primary Schools in South Africa. Heritage Moleke avers that the performance of meaningful learning is a challenging task in the South African educational context, especially in this early stage of transitioning from classroom talk arrangements. Moleke focuses on the role of classroom discourse in the initiation of the learners’ sense of belonging in the transitional stage of English language learning. Maletšema Ruth Emsley and Kgomotlokoa Linda Thaba-Nkadimene examine the problem of inadequacies in moderation of sc............

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