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African Journal of Terrorism and Insurgency Research (AJoTIR)
Published Since: 2020 ISSN 2732-4990 (Print) ISSN 2732-5008 (Online)
Publication Frequency: Bi-annual The journal is indexed by IBSS, EBSCO and SABINET.

The history and trajectory of terrorism in Africa is deeply intertwined with the continent's complex socio-political landscape. Added to this labyrinth is the definitional problems associated with the concept of terrorism. Who is really a terrorist? Do they see themselves as terrorists? What are the causes of terrorism in the continent? And what is its trajectory? Terrorism is a problematic concept to define (Schmid, 2023; Kebede, 2021) with no consensus on what it means. Many discussions of the concept even by journals such as this which focus essentially on the concept of terrorism and its related term of insurgency often avoid getting entangled in the definitional controversies surrounding the concept. What seemed to have been a consensus in the literature on terrorism is the aphorism that “one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter” (Bedoun, 2022). In essence terrorists are driven by the causes they espouse and they passionately believe in the right............

Though terrorist acts as weapons of politics and warfare can be traced to ancient times, the term ‘terrorism’ was initially coined to designate the Reign of Terror by Maximilien Robespierre during the French Revolution of September 5 1793 to July 27 1794 in which the Revolutionary Government unleashed violence and harsh measures against those suspected of being counter-revolutionaries or enemies of the revolution (Kekes, 2006). Since then the notion of terrorism has evolved while the contention over its precise meaning has remained or has even become exacerbated (Ramsay, 2015). In recent times, a number of African countries have experienced high levels of protracted terrorism, as well as other forms of armed insurgencies. The most prominent terrorist groups in the continent are Boko Haram of Nigeria and al-Shabaab of Somalia (University of Maryland, 2017). Most of the affected African governments have developed various counter-insurgency measures, including de-radical............

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