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Published Since: 2014
Publishing Discontinued: The journal is published regularly. The Journal is currently listed in the Sabinet, ProQuest, EBSCO database and accredited by IBSS and SCOPUS
Publication Frequency: Bi-annually

As a result of a lengthy political crisis, an unprecedented global dispersion, and a more pronounced and divisive identity politics, the political culture of Somali society today is in the midst of a profound and fundamental social transformation. A prolonged civil war and its concomitant political crisis have contributed to the disintegration of a viable civic space where non-essentialized forms of inquiry, interpretation, negotiation and discussion could take place. The absence of a civic space able to accommodate and address the aspirations and desires of the groups and classes in the country has facilitated, fostered and deepened the level of identity politics. The new reality has also produced massive dislocations of people (both as internally displaced persons [IDPs] and as refugees traversing international borders) on a scale never witnessed before in Somalia. ............

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