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Journal of African Languages and Literary Studies (JoALLS)
Published Since: 2019 ISSN 2633-2108 (Print) ISSN 2633-2116 (Online)
Publication Frequency: Tri-annual (Three times a year) ISSN: 2633-2108 E-ISSN: 2633-2116

 Conversing the framing and structuring of African Languages and Literary Studies: A snippet   The present volume gives selected insights into conversations about framing ‘mother/woman’ disruptions, agency and struggles for emancipation in both symbolic and literary terms. The framing we read herein could be microcosmic of broader voices shared on the continent and the Diaspora, notwithstanding the fact that there are as many contestations around narratives and concepts as there are interest groups and respective conceptual frameworks. Within the differently framed conversations that the present journal embeds, despite the rigour that each article exudes, commonalities do converge. Cumulatively and collectively, the articles excavate inferiorised epistemologies, which, when brought to the centre of conversations about the knowledge economies from Africa, shifts about monolithic conceptions about transcendence from positions of marginality would most............

 The themes of colonisation and decolonisation dominate in this issue of JoALLS. The colonisation of African communities by European forces was so inhuman and brutal that it left skeletons of African people littered in affected areas on the continent. The trails of murder, massacre, plunder and displacement of defenceless and innocent Africans by marauding, bloodthirsty colonialists are unsavory, heart-rending and disgusting. The crucial role literature plays in documenting the trials and tribulations of Africans cannot be overemphasized. The historical novel and (auto) biography have always become handy in this regard, although caution should be taken on which perspective they are framed. As you read this issue, you will realise that the words ‘Germans’ and ‘genocide’ are what linguists call ‘collocates’; in other words, you cannot talk of one of these two words without the other as the Germans’ heinous crimes were meant to decimate the H............

 My appointment as the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of African Languages and Literary Studies (JoALLS), as well as the author of the editorial note for the current second issue, testifies of how linkages in academia are not confined by geographical and institutional boundaries. The Editorial Board membership similarly demonstrates diversity of scholars that have been brought together for want of a common vision; a rigorous scholarly contrastive voice on the African experiences as is the case with establishment of Apartheid Studies in some Sub-Saharan African Universities.   The publishers’ persuasion in the same vision has seen them providing virtual space with an ambience that further strengthens richer and  uninhibited scholarship that nurtures rigorous criticism on African Languages and Literary Studies through double blind peer-reviews. The collaboration has opened yet another avenue for academics to broaden platforms that they can use to creat............

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