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Call For Paper - Journal of African Languages and Literary Studies (JoALLS)

Aims and Scope

The Journal of African Languages and Literary Studies (JoALLS) is a peer-reviewed, tri-annual journal aimed at advancing both theoretical and empirical research, inform policies and practices, and improve the understanding of the impact of academic research on the lives of Africans. The journal provides a forum for the publication of articles from academics and policymakers on African Languages and Literature.

Paper Submission

The journal accepts papers that may have a continental, regional or country focus. Papers may address all aspects of African language studies, synchronic or diachronic as well as theoretical and data-oriented especially in the context of research and scholarship in Africa. Articles submissions are being expected from May, 2019. The articles should focus on (but not limited to) one or more of the following themes:

Language policy and planning in Africa.

The extinction and revitalization of many African languages

Literary criticism

Oral traditional literature

African Literature and culture

The role of foreign languages in African context

Issues of gender portrayal in language and literature

The relationship between language and gender


 Linguistic properties such as:


  1. referential terms,
  2. word formations,
  3. syntactic structures,
  4. semantic connotations,
  5. social gender and
  6. idiomatic expressions.

Falsification of data, plagiarism, including duplicate publication of the author's own work, in whole or in part without proper citation is a serious offence, will not be accepted. ONE copy of the manuscript with a separate cover page showing full author names, institutional affiliation, contact number and email address should be sent to the editor through info@adonis-abbey.com. Your submission will be acknowledged electronically within 24 hours provided it is received on a working day.

The Reviewing Process

All submissions to the journal are initially reviewed by the Editor and, if it is judged suitable for this journal, it is then sent to an independent reviewer. Based on the reviewer’s recommendations, the Editor then decides whether the paper should be accepted as it is, revised or rejected. In order to facilitate processing of submissions, please make sure that you:



1. Attach a separate cover page with title of the manuscript, the author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s), including email address.

2. Include only the title page on the first page of the manuscript in order to maintain anonymity.

3. Formatting requirements: While there are no strict formatting requirements, all manuscripts must include an Abstract of not more than150 words, Keywords,Introduction, Literature Review, Theoretical Considerations, Analyses, Conclusions, and Notes, and References - in a double-spaced format, allowing a one-inch margin on all sides. Please keep notes at a minimum. The manuscript should not exceed 6000 words.

 4. Figures and tables: Please ensure that the figures and the tables are inserted next to the relevant text in the manuscript where they are cited, rather than at the bottom or the top of the file.

 5. References: References to other publications should be complete and should contain full bibliographical details. Please use the Harvard system of referencing. For multiple citations in the same year use a, b, c immediately following the year of publication. References should be shown within the text by giving the author's last name followed by a comma and year of publication all in round brackets, e.g. (Kuada, 1994). The following examples illustrate the style of referencing used in the journal:

 (a). Books: Surname, initials and year of publication, title, publisher, place of publication, e.g. Kuada, J. (1994), Managerial Behaviour in Ghana and Kenya – A Cultural Perspective, (Aalborg, Aalborg University Press,). Please, note that the title of books must be in italics.

 (b). Chapter in edited book: surname, initials and year, "title", editor's surname, initials, title, publisher, place, pages, e.g. Whitley, R. (2001), “Developing Capitalism:The Comparative Analysis of Emerging Business Systems” in Jacobsen, G. and Torp,

 J.E. (Eds.) Understanding Business Systems in Developing Countries, (New Delhi,Sage). pp:25-41. Please, note that the title of the book must be in italics.

 (c). Articles: Surname, initials, year "title", journal, volume, number, pages, e.g.Kuada, J. (2002), “Collaboration between developed and developing country-based firms: Danish-Ghanaian experience” Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing,Vol. 17 No. 6 pp: 538-557. Please, note that the title of the journal must be in italics. If there is more than one author to a paper, please list all authors with their surnames followed by initials.

 6. Resubmissions: Where a paper has been accepted subject to certain corrections being effected, the author(s), should, on returning the corrected paper, detail in a separate page how the suggested corrections have been addressed in the paper. Failure to provide this, the journal may decline to publish such a paper.















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