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African Journal of Business and Economic Research (AJBER)
Published Since: 2006. It is accredited by DHET (the South African regulator of Higher Education) and indexed by SCOPUS, UGC CARE List (the Indian regulator of Higher Education), IBSS, EBSCO, ProQuest, ABDC, COPERNICUS, ERIH PLUS, SAJE, CABELL, SABINET and J-Gate.
Publication Frequency: Quarterly (Four times a year) ISSN: 1750-4554 E-ISSN: 1750-4562. SCImago Journal Ranking for 2022: Quartile: Q4; H-Index: 9; Citescore: 0.16

Africa has remained the destination for business, trade, and investment despite its huge challenges that range from poverty, unemployment, infrastructural deficits, socio-economic insecurities, and financial public debts, among others. The scramble for Africa as a destination for business and investment is hinged on the fact that the continent has a teeming population, flexible sources of funding, with highly promising economic growth indices, and several fast-growing economies. However, despite these positive attributes, Africa has not been able to transmute or convert these positive attributes into sustainable human development outcomes for the benefit of the majority of her citizenry. Africa, in the context of evolving inclusive global realities, has merely provided participatory marginal frameworks in conception and practice. It has repeatedly struggled to show contextual workability for the varying aspects of the developmental enterprise in Africa. This is partly because the Afric............

Achieving demographic dividends results in a positive transformation of a burgeoning developing economy. The achievement implies that the dividend is well utilized and channeled to impact positively on productive employment, savings, capital investment causing increased national GDP per capita (Admassie et al., 2016) and inclusive growth of a nation for long-term sustainable development (Adeleye et al., 2020; Ejemeyovwi and Osabuohien, 2018; Drummond et al., 2014; UN/ECA/UNFPA, 2013). Africa's demographic dividend is best harnessed by creating the right environment that fosters gainful employment and entrepreneurship, health and wellbeing (including family planning), education and skills development, and rights, governance, and youth employment (UNFPA, 2017; Zulu, 2017; Megquier Belohlav, 2014) based on family size reduction and increased life expectancy of a population. The 14 articles in this Special Edition targeted directly or indirectly various aspects of the demographic dividen............

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