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Ubuntu: Journal of Conflict Transformation
Published Since: 2012
Publishing Discontinued: The journal is published regularly.
Publication Frequency: Biannually The Journal is currently listed in the Sabinet, ProQuest, J-Gate, EBSCO database and accredited by IBSS.

For generations going back to ancient times, scholars and other interested parties have debated the causes of conflict and war. Conflicts and wars have become a major preoccupation of humans – from individuals to leaders, communities, and whole countries. Not surprisingly, scholarly explanations and theories now abound. For some scholars, conflicts and wars can be attributed to psychological factors, particularly the roles played by leaders and other key players. For many social psychologists and sociologists, the answer may be found by looking at the sorts of roles people play within social groups in society.  Many anthropologists blame conflicts and wars on the cultural factors which condition human beings to particular behaviour patterns. Many scientists attribute conflicts and wars to human nature, suggesting that human beings – particularly males – are effectively coded genetically to engage in aggression as a survival mechanism in a world full o............

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