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African Journal of Democracy and Election Research (AJDER)
Published Since: 2021 ISSN 2752-6011 (Print) ISSN 2752-602X (Online)
Publication Frequency: Bi-annual The journal is indexed by EBSCO and SABINET.

From the outset, the editorial team would like to thank scholars who contributed articles and made the publication of this debut issue of the African Journal of Democracy and Elections Research (AJDER) possible. In most African countries democracy is primarily deepened by the holding of regular, free, fair, credible and peaceful elections. Democratic values such as popular participation, accountability and some degree of control over elected leaders or representatives are by and large entrenched in the polity. Across Africa, governments are legitimately elected while others are forced to share power through the ballot box. Elections provide acceptable means through which power is transferred and legitimised from one governing party to another. However, in some cases elections have spurred political instability and violence. Thus, electoral malpractices have not only impacted on the legitimacy of the whole electoral process but also on the way in which election outcomes are re............

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