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African Journal of Development Studies(AJDS) ISSN 2634-3630 E-ISSN 2634-3649 formerly AFFRIKA: Journal of Politics, Economics and Society ISSN: 1998-4936 E-ISSN: 2075-6534
Published Since: 2012. The Journal is indexed by IBSS, EBSCO, COPERNICUS, ProQuest, SABINET and J-Gate.
Publication Frequency: Quarterly (Four times a year) ISSN: 2634-3630 E-ISSN: 2634-3649

 Editorial Note for the Special Issue on Development in South Africa- March 2021 This special issue arose from papers accepted for publication in some regular issues of the journal which have South Africa as their focus. Typically, the journal publishes special issues either from proceedings of a conference or on a special theme. It was felt that it would be more impactful if some of the accepted papers that deal on relevant aspects of South Africa’s socio-economic development are put together and published as a special issue of the journal. For decades, achieving sustainable socio-economic development across nations has been a challenging process. Service delivery, governance, and sustainability are some of the major factors that significantly influence economic growth, both from the present and the future perspective. Environmental catastrophes such as flood, famine, pandemics, etc. are some of the other concerns, which inhibit the growth of the economy and adversely aff............

In line with the mandate of AFFRIKA, and underscoring the foci of the journal, it is my profoundest joy that we publish this Edition with topical discourses that highlight core issues that borders on the character of Africa - when adequately utilised – that constitutes immanent potential of advancement. The Edition’s opening discourses on undergraduate political participation in the University of Ghana; attitude of academics towards gender equality in higher schools; and law, politics and society as elites mechanisms of governing address fundamental issues of progressing democratization. The scholarly excursion into the Ifa corpus is particularly an interesting contribution in this Edition because it clearly demonstrates that Africa had evolved a body of scientific knowledge system that can explain socio-political phenomena. Interestingly also are the articles that highlight gender-based violence, women-driven community development activities and rural women empowerment to the gend............

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