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Editorial Guideline - African Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Aims and Scope
The African Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (AJIE) aims to advance both theoretical and empirical research that enhances our understanding of the theoretical, policy and practical aspects of innovation and/or entrepreneurship from a business perspective within the African context. Its target audience includes entrepreneurs, business managers, incubators and accelerators, researchers, students, government officials, policy makers and specialists who are concerned with innovation and entrepreneurship issues in Africa. 
AJIE welcomes papers that may have an African continental, regional, national, or sub-national focus. Papers that compare themes of innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa with other non-African jurisdictions are also welcome. The Journal additionally welcomes themes relating to small and medium-sized enterprises and business start-ups in Africa. The following categories of papers may be submitted for consideration:
•Empirical research papers
•Conceptual/theoretical papers
•Literature reviews
•Policy briefs
•Book reviews
•Practitioner insights
AJIE envisages being impactful and relevant for the African continent. In connection to this, the Journal may serve as a medium through which potential authors can channel messages capable of (i) influencing innovation and/or entrepreneurship policy in Africa (ii) stimulating entrepreneurship among the African youth and (iii) enhancing academic study with practitioner insights.
AJIE is published biannually – i.e., with two main issues in a year. The Journal uses double blind peer review. This means that each article submitted shall be assigned two reviewers, whose identities, in addition to that of the author(s) shall be hidden during the paper review process. 
Submitting Papers
Authors are required to submit original papers, that is, papers submitted should not have been previously published or be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. All papers are refereed through a double blind process (i.e. the identities of the author and the reviewer are concealed from each other). When submitting papers for evaluation, authors are strongly encouraged to attach reports from a similarity (anti-plagiarism) test. Without prejudice to this, every paper accepted for publication will also have to pass our similarity check with iThenticate.
Submission of articles is by email only. Please email to the editor through: info@adonis-abbey.com
In order to facilitate processing of submissions, please make sure that you: 
1. Attach a cover page with the title of the manuscript, the author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s), including email address.
2. Include only the title page on the first page of the manuscript in order to maintain anonymity.
3. Include an abstract of not more than 150 words.
4. Produce the manuscript—including abstract, quotations, tabular material, notes, and references - in a double-spaced format, allowing a one-inch margin on all sides.
5. Type all tables, using a standard word processing programme and number consecutively in the necessary pages.  
6. Keep notes at a minimum.
7. Use three descending levels of headings consistently throughout the paper.  They should be descriptive but brief. Numbers may be used to identify levels of headings.
8. References to publications should follow APA 7th edition format. Kindly download the link for examples on how to use the referencing style
9. Authors will receive a PDF copy of the issue in which their article appears.
10. Authors should submit ONLY ONE copy of their manuscripts with all Author Details and affiliations in a cover page within the manuscript (i.e. FIRST PAGE).
11. Authors should also insert all Tables and Figures within the  text to where they are cited.
Publication fees
There is no publication fee for this journal.
Proofreading of articles
All manuscripts must be spell and grammar checked by a professional English language editor. Authors are encouraged to attach evidence of professional proofreading/editing when submitting their papers. The journal reserves the right to refuse to publish an article if it deems the paper poorly proofread for language and grammar.
Editorial Contact
For editorial inquiries or to submit your article contact the editor Dr Richard Adu-Gyamfi through: info@adonis-abbey.com
Subscription Price
The annual subscription Price for African Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (AJIE) is GBP 80 for institutions and GBP70 for individuals (for print and online access by password).
For loose copy sale (excluding postage and packaging), the price is GBP45.

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