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Publish a Journal With Us
Adonis & Abbey Publishers encourages academic research and the dissemination of findings from such research by supporting the publication of peer-reviewed journals, research reports and books. We will generally support a group of competent scholars with an academic track record, an institution or institutions or an association or group of associations who approach us with a proposal to publish a journal or periodic research reports for them. 
Whether we agree or not to publish a journal for any group will largely depend on our assessment of the need for that journal, and the ability of the sponsors to drive the journal for at least two years. We will generally not publish journals that promote partisan, sectarian, racial or sexist interests, even if disguised as academic research.
How does this work?
 The first step is for the sponsors to send us a letter, telling us about the journal or periodic research report(s) they want to run, including its name, frequency of publication, likely number of subscribing institutions and why they feel such a journal is needed. There will be a minimum of three sponsors, with at least one of the sponsors being a Senior Lecturer or Researcher. The sponsors must send their CVs to us, which lists their publications and academic track records. The sponsors should also tell us how they plan to constitute the board, solicit for articles, the peer-review mechanisms they plan to adopt, and how they plan to institutionalise the journal.
Who owns the journal?
 The journals we agree to publish will be treated as books. The sponsors will own the copyright to the journal but will lease it to us for 15 renewable years (just as with books).  They will be responsible for all the editorial aspects of the work – choosing which articles to publish, arranging for the peer-review of short listed articles, and ensuring that articles follow an agreed format.
There will be clauses on opt out, which will spell out the conditions under which either party can terminate the contract.
 As with books, we will pay royalties to the sponsoring organisation, based on the number of subscribers, which will usually be between 10-15% of the annual subscription fee for each subscriber. Both the sponsoring organisation and Adonis & Abbey publishers will keep and manage the subscription list jointly, and both will strive to win more subscribers for the journal.
Printing and promoting the journals
Adonis & Abbey Publishers will be fully responsible for printing, publishing, distribution and promotion of the journal - in consultation with the sponsoring institution.
Initial Contribution by the Sponsors
Journal publishing is rarely profitable, and it may take a while before institutions warm up and subscribe to any journal. While we will be willing to invest in some journals, we will also need an assurance that the sponsors did not wake up one day and decide to publish a journal. We will need a certain assurance that they truly have a passion for the journal and will do their best to help sustain its running. This assurance can be in the form of an agreed symbolic financial deposit.
Further details:
For further details about publishing a journal with us, please email:
editor@adonis-abbey.com  or publisher@adonis-abbey.com or phone:  0845 388 7248                     .

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