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African Renaissance
Published Since: 2004
Publishing Discontinued: The journal is published regularly
Publication Frequency: Quarterly. AR is one of the longest surviving social science journals published by Africans.It is currently indexed at EBSCO, J-Gate, ProQuest, Sabinet and accredited by IBSS and SCOPUS.

From the Publisher ? South Africa: A Big Brother or the New Imperial Power in Africa? ? Jideofor Adibe In the September/ October issue of the journal, we looked at the quest to reform the United Nations Security Council, including Africa?s position in that quest and posed a number fundamental questions: Is the will to reform the UN-SC there at all or are talks about reforming the UN-SC mere word-mongering and empty rhetoric? What kind of geo-political alliances will any quest to offer permanent membership of the Security Council to some African countries throw up in the continent??? ? In this edition we focus on post-Apartheid South Africa, which has a dominant position in Africa?s political economy. We examine the country?s Africa policies, including its trade policies, and pose a number of vital questions: What is the character of South Africa?s relations with the rest of the continent? Who benefits from its apparently increasing engagement with the rest of the contin............

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