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JOURNAL OF SOMALI STUDIES: Research on Somalia and the Greater Horn of African Countries
Published Since: 2014. It is indexed by SCOPUS, IBSS, COPERNICUS, Sabinet, ProQuest, EBSCO & J-Gate. SCImago Journal Ranking 2020 Quartile: Q3 (0.11) H-Index: 1
Publication Frequency: Bi-annually ISSN: 2056-5674 E-ISSN: 2056-5682

This edition has some five (5) very interesting articles; three of them on Somalia, one on Ethiopia and one on Rwanda. Susan Handa examines fragility and aid on Somalia. In her article, ‘Examining Fragility and Aid in Somalia,’ she scrutinizes the basis of fragility, giving more insight on Somalia’s situation. The central theme of the paper is the fact that while aid has been fundamental in reconstructing Somalia, there has also been too much focus on security rather than development. Using secondary data, she examines the effects of the EU-led New Deal which somehow enabled a paradigm shift in international development face around Somali ownership and leadership of its transition from fragility; hence the need for a Somali-led, Somali-owned post-conflict reconstruction model. This security vs. development debate has been there since the early 1990s. And, this article is a major contribution to this debate as Somalia is yet to witness a comprehensive post-conflict rec............

In this edition, we have a number of articles for you; from Somalia to Ethiopia to the region. The articles cover a wide range of issues; both historical and contemporary. For example, there is an interesting article covering perspectives on the climate change debate linking it to migration dynamics. In this article, “Perspectives on the Rights of Climate Migrants in the Horn of Africa: A Case Study of Somalia” by Dr. Shazia Chaudhry and her student James Ouda from the famous University of Nairobi’s Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (IDIS) in Kenya. With Somalia as a case study, the article argues that climate change has affected millions of people and that, in particular, the Horn of Africa region has been experiencing unpredictable environmental conditions resulting from climate change disasters. This is linked to permanent or temporary human migration through land degradation, recurrent and prolonged drought periods, flash floods and desertification ............

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