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Igba Boyi: A Study of the Igbo Apprenticeship Scheme in Onitsha Markets

Igba Boyi: A Study of the Igbo Apprenticeship Scheme in Onitsha Markets is the product of an expansive, eighteen months’ study on the famed Igbo apprenticeship scheme, popularly known as Igba Boyi, using Onitsha markets (the hub of Igbo business  and entrepreneurship) as the study area.  The study adopted a concurrent mixed-method research design, inco

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Microeconomics: Basic Principles and Applications

Microeconomics: Basic Principles and Applications is one of the uniquely organized books in Economics. Its emphasis is on the understanding of microeconomic theories and how these theories can be applied in addressing challenges of real world firms. This emphasis is reflected in the type of examples, illustrations and questions for discussion presented in each topic w

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Collateral Damage: When Caregivers No Longer Care

In 1996 Greg Noack received his calling the hard way, suffering a traumatic brain injury from a violent assault. He went through a year of rehabilitation and recovery and in the process found his life's mission - to help others who experience brain injury.   In Collateral Damage:  When Caregivers No Longer Care, Greg shares the struggles he endured when he

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The State and the Politics of Development in Nigeria

The book discusses the politics and contestations around economic development in Nigeria, and argues that the heavy reliance on projects, policies, and programmes primed towards improving the GDP are defective strategies that can hardly lead to sustainable development. The author recommends a people-centred strategy that will focus on the needs of citizens such as acc

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Nigeria: More years eaten by the Locusts

 Nigeria: More Years Eaten by the Locusts confronts us with hard truths about the Nigerian condition, and points us to the starting point for reconstruction, which is an admission of the moral evils that plague us and the responsibility for it, not as a metaphysical construct but as the sum total of our collective omissions. This is a welcome contribution to the

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The Gospel Challenge: 30 years of Practical Application of Christian Social Teaching in the Nigerian Context

I have read through every line of this entire work of Fr. George Ehusani. The topics span around concerns for the Future, the Youth, Peace and Justice, Prophetic Witnessing, Religion and Society, Reconciliation and the Challenge of an Authentic National Renewal in Nigeria, etc.  The submission is that “Living Faith” leads directly to “Loving Act

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Broken Truths: Nigeria's Elusive Quest for National Cohesion

The book, Broken Truths, is a collection of key Convocation lectures delivered in the last few years at several Universities in Nigeria. Here, Matthew Hassan Kukah, outspoken Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, reflects on the myriad of challenges bedeviling the Nigerian nation. The book covers such themes as Insurgency, Education, Leadership, Democracy, Diver

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‘Maana-Faay has an enduring quality that sets it apart from many of its contemporaries. It achieves what Max'd Afrax, the author, sets out to do with a plot that is irresistibly well-constructed. I have loved re-reading it and believe that this English translation will make its author many new friends.’ Nuruddin Farah, world acclaimed novelist Maana-

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BETWEEN FAITH AND SOCIAL ACTIVISM: Essays in Honour of Rev Fr. George Ehusani

This book traverses spiritual, psychological, philosophical, political, linguistic and musical discourses, to honour a priest, a social activist and a cerebral scholar, whose fidelity to his sacred calling over the last four decades has found expression in these diverse spheres of the human enterprise. It is an indispensable text and will remain an invaluable classic

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Zambia: Pathways to Excellence

Pathways to Excellence suggests ways in which Zambia could liberate herself from mediocrity and become the world class economy it is meant to be. In addition to sensible prescriptions such as maximizing the efficacy of public spending, and creating conditions that support Zambian entrepreneurship, the author argues that the country’s full potential cannot be

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