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Newsletter Vol. 15 Number 1, January 6, 2017


Happy New Year

Adonis & Abbey Publishers wishes you and your loved ones a  very Happy New Year.  We are proud to be associated with you and pray that this year shall be better for us than all last year. 


In this issue, we bring you information about:

·         Our books – forthcoming, just published  and recently published

·         Our journals – forthcoming and existing journals.

·         Our editorial services.




Cobra in the Boat: Michael Sata's Zambia

Nigerian Film Culture and the Idea of the Nation: Nollywood and National Narration

The Theory Of Categorial Conversion: Rational Foundations of Nkrumaism in Socio-natural Systemicity and Complexity

The Theory Of Philosophical Consciencism: Practice Foundations of Nkrumaism

Agribusiness Project Appraisal: Theory and Applications

Just Published

Town Union Governance: A Community Service in Eastern Nigeria
Debating Nigeria: A Collection of Essays

Organization Paremiology: A New Approach to Organizational Improvement
Contemporary Issues in Management Development in Africa

Recovering the Somali State

Marketing Decisions and Strategies

Religion in Contemporary Nigeria

Perspectives On International Business

Somalis: In Search of Nationhood, Statehood and Transnational Connections

Language And Literature: Vehicles For The Enhancement Of Cultural Understanding

Recently Published 

Thesis without Tears: A Guide for African University Students 

The Islamic Movement In Somalia: A Study Of The Islah Movement, 1950-2000 

Time Management In The Life Of A Scholar 

Signpost To Success: Reflections On The Life Of King David And Some Great Achievers 

Service Marketing in Ghana: A Customer Relationship Management Approach 

Organizational Wisdom in 100 African Proverbs: An Introduction to Organizational Paremiology 

Metaphors and Climax: Reminiscences in Honour of OgonnaAgu

Kano: Environment, Society And Development 

The Sahel: Focus of Hope, Focus of Fear 

Security and Peace: The Imperative for National Development in Nigeria  

Ibrahim Babangida: The Military, Politics And Power In Nigeria 

Resistance and Politics in Contemporary East African Theatre: Trends in Ugandan Theatre Since 1960 

Guilt of Otherness (Poems) 

An Introduction to the Modern Gulf of Guinea: History, People, Political Economy and Strategic Future 

War and Conquest without Weapons: Understanding and Overcoming the Boko Haram Challenge in Nigeria 

The President for Life Pandemic in Africa: Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Zambia and Malawi 

Internationalization and Small Business Management in Northern Denmark 

Territoriality, Citizenship and Peacebuilding: Perspectives on Challenges to Peace in Africa 

Somalia: Diaspora and State Reconstitution in the Horn of Africa 

Writing the Afro-Hispanic: Essays on Africa and Africans in the Spanish Caribbean 

Caregivers for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya: An Ecological Perspective 

Torn Apart: The Nigerian Civil War and its Impact 

Foreign Direct Investment in Post-Conflict Countries 

Whose God Is God? 

Innovation in China: The Dawning of the Asian Century 

Torn Apart: The Nigerian Civil War and its Impact 

Foreign Direct Investment in Post-Conflict Countries 

Building Science, Technology and Innovation Systems in Africa: Experiences From The Maghreb

Conflict of Securities: Reflections on State and Human Security in Africa 

Preventing Things from Falling Further Apart: The Preservation of Cultural Identities in Postcolonial African, Indian, and Caribbean Literatures 

Culture and Creativity in Organizations and Societies 

Entrepreneurship in Africa: The Spiritual Dimension 

Free Speech v Reputation: Public Interest Defence in American and English Law of Defamation  

Social Policy and Human Development in Zambia  

Women in Business: Theory, Practice and Flexible Approaches 

Entrepreneurship in Africa: The Spiritual Dimension 

Governance and Crisis of the State in Africa: The Context and Dynamics of the Conflicts in West Africa 

Advanced Accountancy: Theory and Practice 

Writers, Writing Conflicts and Wars in Africa 

Gowon: The Biography of a Soldier-Statesman 

Egypt, Energy and the Environment: Critical Sustainability Perspectives  

Why Industrial Revolution By-Passes Africa  

Understanding Organizational Leadership through Ubuntu 

Post-Cold War Conflicts in Africa: Case studies of Liberia and Somalia 

Beyond the Primary Commodity Trap: Essays on Politics and Poverty in Africa 

Who is an African? Identity, Citizenship and the Making of the Africa-Nation  

State-Building In Post-Liberation Eritrea: Challenges, Achievements and Potentials 

Gowon: The Biography of a Soldier-Statesman 

The Political Impact of the Sino-U.S. Oil Competition in Africa: An International Political Explanation of the Resource Curse in African Petro-States 

Making Strategic Plans Work: Insights from Indigenous African Wisdom 

Fiscal Federalism in Nigeria: Facing the Challenges of the Future 

Points to Consider: Responses to HIV/AIDS in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean 

Democracy and Culture: An African Perspective 


The Human Person, African Ubuntu And The Dialogue Of Civilisations 

Globalization of Business: Theories and Strategies for Tomorrow’s Managers  

African Businesses and Economic Growth: Institutions, Firms, Practices and Policy  

International Market Analysis: Theories and Methods 

Healthcare Services in Africa: Overcoming Challenges, Improving Outcomes&nbs

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